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Research Software Design & Development

HubBucket Publish ("HubPublish") Research Software Development Group

Research Software Design & Development

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Medicine

Research Software Design & Development

Historical, Cultural & Social
Research Software Design & Development

Research Software Design & Development

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Medicine
Research Software Design & Development

Research Software Design & Development

Historical, Cultural and Social

Research Software Development

The HubBucket Publish ("HubPublish") Team is a Research Software Development Group of professional Software Architects, Software Engineers, Software Developers, Software Designers and Software Testers with particular expertise in creating software for academic, medical and industry research. Our goal is to enhance HubBucket's capacity to produce high quality scientific software by collaborating with researchers to create readable, reliable and efficient code.

Programming effort

Researchers can collaborate with the HubPublish group on projects with a significant programming component by costing our services into grant submissions or paying a day rate. We also run occasional calls for free software development projects if we have spare capacity.

  • Grant funded work
  • Calls for free development


We provide tools that support best practice in research software development.

  • Version control (GitHub)
  • HubPublish Continuous Integration and Testing
  • HubPublish Research Software Dashboard


Our goal is to prepare researchers for data- and compute-intensive research. We teach the tools and techniques required to manage a reproducible workflow, including best practices for research software development.

See the HubPublish Training page for a full list of our courses.

HubBucket Publish ("HubPublish") Governance

Our activities are governed by the HubBucket, Inc. ("HubBucket") Research Software Development Governance Group.

We are advised on resource allocation and prioritization on a regular basis by the HubBucket Research Software Development Resource Allocation Group (HUB-RSDRAG).

  • HubBucket Publish ("HubPublish") Research IT Governance Structure

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Support, Advice and Consultancy

  • For general contact and queries please email:
  • Join the HubPublish Mailing List to receive updates on training, events and calls for projects

HubPublish Research Programming Hub

We encourage researchers within HubBucket, who write software for research, to join the HubPublish Research Programming Hub. This community exists as an online chat channel, Google/G-Suite Hangouts, as well as in the real world with regular informal Meetups, HubThons (Semiannual Events), HubCons (Annual Events).

HubPublish Single-Page Document Generator

The HubBucket Publish ("HubPublish") open source project enables our organization to create a single-page documentation for our research and development modules using a set of documentation source files, including GitHub-flavored markdown and JSDoc annotated JavaScript.

Today’s software development has to be quick, agile, and iterative. Many development teams don’t have enough time or resources to devote to proper documentation, especially at smaller organizations. A typical software project just doesn’t have enough documentation for users and contributors to follow and understand the code.

Even if a software team can write documentation it’s often difficult to publish in a convenient format, leaving users frustrated. The HubPublish project looks to alleviate that frustration by enabling our developers to automatically generate a documentation site.

How does it work?

HubPublish uses docs.json config file to parse your markdown files. Our developers can then build an HTML documentation site by running the HubPublish build command from the command line. They can preview their documentation site as they edit it.

The HubPublish parser uses markdown or JavaScript conventions, depending on which you’ve used, and parses your content into sections at a depth you select. See the HubPublish GitHub page for details.

How does HubPublish help our developers?

By using HubPublish, our developers make your software more usable. They will be able to quickly generate documentation, and make it readily available to our users. They can also generate their docs on the fly — no costly and time-consuming re-writes of formal manuals, they just add their changes and re-build their HTML site.

How do I contribute?

Pull requests to fix bugs are always welcome. You can find known bugs in project’s issue tracker — just look for items labelled as “bug.” The project maintainers are not seeking new feature contributions at this time.


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